Friday, August 20, 2010

The long journey home

A new start and a new place for me to start anew.

More to follow in the next few months. 
Yet, a signal for another part of us to change has been obvious for the last 6 months.
Taken away by many to an empty bed, the nighttime awaits him mow as grasps for a taste of the salty air just one more time.  Hurry the sun light beckons one last time.
Softly, the face with a million questions smiled for the warmth of the sun gently caressed his face, he closed his eyes and felt the warm of the sun relaxing his troubled soul.  He though, “This is to be were my body is to be taken for my final rest.”
“But that wouldn’t happen for many a year to come.”  So said Faby.
Sweet Faby, going to the national news desk, checked when the next east coast flight expected to arrive to change place.  Once that information was passed along, the crew began to stand down for the night assignment desk.
There had been nothing left.
Noting at all left.

-More to follow-